Friday, 21 February 2014

Happy First Birthday #bepbb


So on March 5th 2013 I came up with a silly idea about sharing a good thing from your day before you went to bed. A lot of people jumped on the idea and #bepbb was born. Here's the original post

I loved it, every night, 7 days a week taking pleasure in peoples happiness, the big stuff and the small stuff (and some secret stuff!) but I was but 1 lickle person and I struggled to keep it going.

As it tailed off I got a DM from the lovely Kelly asking what had happened, I explained and she said she would help (blog on that here)

I ended up with 7 lovely hostesses and lots of people offering to stand in, and I get to dip in and out and jump in when I needed. Here's a list of my lovely hostesses/#bepbb princesses (I am the Queen, obv)

Monday:       @ladyemsy :       
Tuesday:      @btwblogger:      
Wednesday: @mummyglitzer: 
Thursday:     @Tiasmum12:     
Friday:          @thecrowtherclan:
Saturday:      @Londonmumandson:
          or:       @messedupmumblog:
Sunday:        @mutteringmummy:

So if you're wanting to join in regularly make sure you're following everyone!

I jumped in to cover Wednesday night and was overwhelmed at how many people join in, still! At how many people are cheering others on, supporting people through mental health issues who use #bepbb to focus on the positives in their days. My silly idea was/is actually helping people, changing the way people view their days. Helping on those days where you think 'everything was pants today absolutely nothing was good' change to 'well I woke up which meant I was still alive and I got matching socks on!'

So with the help, again, from the lovely Kelly I have set up this linky, I would LOVE for all the people who have joined in with #bepbb or those who sit in the background and just read them.

 Whether you join in regularly,  or not, to write a little blog on why you join in, what draws you to #bepbb, highlights, favourite ones, whatever. Just share some linky love please :)


  1. I am so honoured and thrilled to be a part of it, it really does make a difference to me. Even on those days when you don't feel you have much to contribute you can almost always find something tiny. And if not, it is just nice to read and enjoy other people's celebrations.

  2. I love #bepbb and will definitely be linking up. Happy birthday #bepbb!

  3. So glad you came up with the idea and that all these lovely people help you keep it going on a regular basis. I think it's a great way to end each day :-)

  4. I'm not a blogger so can't do that link thing you speak of, however I do want to say a few words.

    I find #bepbb really helps lift people up. I've recently been diagnosed with PND although I've been taking part in bepbb before then I find it even more helpful now to have to find positive out of my day, even on the worst days. It's also uplifting to read about everyone elses positives :-)

    Well done everyone involved keep up the good work xx


  5. I'm not a blogger (yet - I'm working on it!!) but I follow a lot of mummy bloggers on Twitter, which is how I came to be following the lovely Jetta when she started #bepbb. It came at a perfect time for me. I was just a few weeks pregnant following a miscarriage, and was struggling to stay positive. I think the first couple of times I joined in I focussed on everyday things, then after a couple of very cryptic "the bad thing I'm worried about hasn't happened" tweets, I ended up DMing Jetta and telling her all about it (think it took about 4 DMs!!). At this point the only person who knew I was pregnant was my hubby, but telling someone, even a someone I didn't really 'know' made me feel much better. Crazy to think that was almost a year ago, and the cryptic tweets are now an almost 16 week old wee boy. I still join in with #bepbb as often as I can - when I've had a crazy day wrestling a baby and a 4yo it's nice to sit of an evening and think of something happy, and to read other people's. Thank you Jetta xx